Dangerous finds

Dangerous finds

Here we will showcase some of the dangerous things we have found while working for our clients

Here is our first image:

Not a good socket


This is a nice socket that wasn’t working very well
(Notice the lack of an earth and wired in 1mm flex!! Very safe NOT!)


Image two: (Part 1)

This is an image showing a plug that has melted

Too hot

This was at the other end of the socket, a melted plug welded into a socket, a fire just waiting to happen, caused by a loose live connection in the plug which was overheating and melting (Protected by fuse wire consumers unit: NOT safe by a long shot!)


Image two: (Part 2)

A heat damaged socket

A fire risk

And this was the damaged caused to the other end, notice the melted part of the socket?
Another real fire hazard


Image three:

How not to use a henley block

I need a real junction box (maintenance free of course!)

This is a nice find: under the floor!
Why use a junction box when you could use a Henley block and have half the wires hanging out?


Image four:

Not a good way to make a light off

Unsafe practice

This is a junction hidden in the ceiling: always use MF (Maintenance Free: Wago) connections!


Image five:

Picture of a poor junction under the floor

A safe junction!

A safe!, accessible junction found under the floor. Always handy if you have a problem, ‘Where did I put that junction again???’


Image six:

Behind a mirror


Something as unsafe as this should never be left, not even behind a bathroom mirror


Image seven:

Always check the work done

The electrican got a little mixed up: Live and Neutral are the wrong way round

The electrican must have not been concentrating very well: the Live and Neutral are round the wrong way at the main switch
Turning off a breaker could have left anyone who disconnected anything with a nasty shock!


Image eight:


Always check a push fit connector: ensure the cable IS pushed in!

Attended a callout to find a fault in a kitchen: traced to a push fit connector that had a cable inside that had NOT been pushed in!
Can you seen the slight brown mark where the Neutral had been arcing


Image nine:

Ceiling hidden dangers

Another poor connection found in the ceiling

It can be amazing what you find hidden in the ceiling. Another example of a poor connection


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